10 Figma Wireframe Kit for UI & Web Design

If you’ve been busy with new design projects, you know that a Figma wireframe kit can speed up your design workflow and help you brainstorm ideas with clients.

The beauty is that you can also re-use them for other projects in the future — so they can come in handy time and time again.

Whether you’re creating concept ideas for your next big project or for an employer or a freelance client, these wireframe kits can help you save some time in the process and meet your deadlines with plenty of time to spare!

1. Web Wireframe Kit for Figma


figma wireframe UI

Made specifically for Figma from the ground up, this kit contains eighty four customizable templates (includes desktop, tablet, and mobile screens).

This one is strongest when it comes to web projects like web design and landing pages.

It also contains layout blocks in the form of components, which are your “building blocks.” This enables you to work rapidly!

Fully editable and easy to customize, the text, colors, images, and typography can be changed to suit your project.


  • Made specifically for Figma (meaning the formatting is high quality and it follows best practices)
  • Best for web and desktop projects (for example: web design for homepages, landing pages, etc)
  • Template library included
  • Components & fully editable styles
  • Bootstrap grid

2. Protogonist Web App Wireframe Kit

web app wireframing prototype

Now let’s focus on how to brainstorm for web app design projects.

For some reason, it can be annoyingly difficult to find wireframes for web apps (not idea why).

Enter Protogonist.

Compatible with Figma, this kit can be easily imported for use.

Are you designing a web app project or software?

If so, this one could be for you.

It contains 200+ UI elements crafted to help you design web-based software projects.

Templates are also included, which can help you with brainstorming or just finding your initial starting point.

It follows Atomic Design and is customizable.


  • Made specifically for web app or software design
  • 200+ UI elements
  • Templates included

3. Mobile App Wireframes for Figma & Sketch

figma prototyping

Are you working on a mobile app project?

If that’s the case, a mobile-specific kit can help.

Not only is this version specifically made for Figma, but it’s simple to customize as well.

This gem of a kit contains 45+ mobile app design templates across seven content categories.

There are also global styles, making it a breeze to edit at any time.

The designs are clean, modern, and pleasing to the eye.


  • Figma-first design
  • Specifically for mobile app design
  • 45+ Templates
  • Master styles

4. Canzaa e-Commerce Kit

canzaa wireframe kit

This is an e-commerce kit for Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Photoshop.

Made for e-commerce apps and online stores, this kit will help you build your initial design ideas quickly. Whether you’re communicating with a founder or a developer, this can be a great way to assist you in the process.

It can help you better communicate your ideas, helping people visualize them.

It contains 200 templates throughout 9 different categories, which is massive.

It’s minimalist and quality.


  • Made for e-commerce mobile apps
  • 200+ templates
  • 9 Categories

5. Hoki Mobile Prototyping

mobile prototyping

Looking for iOS wireframe screens for your next project?

Look no further!

Hoki kit has 80 comprehensive iOS templates and contains easy-to-edit styles (making things much easier to customize).

These designs are beautiful and look very polished even as wireframes! It’s a great way to impress clients or to just brainstorm on your own.


  • Mobile iOS templates
  • 80 templates in total
  • Editable styles
  • Very polished if you’re looking for higher fidelity frames

6. Buey e-Commerce Kit

buey UI mockups

Here’s another great e-commerce kit with a great UX focus.

This one has a strong emphasis on the user experience, and contains forty-five templates in total.

It includes common screens like: product, product detail, cart, payment, order tracking, and more. These templates are a nice starting point for a large-scale, professional e-Commerce project.

So, if you’re looking for a UX-friendly, low-fidelity e-Commerce wireframe kit, this may be for you.


  • 45 Templates
  • Strong UX
  • Great for low-fidelity brainstorming

7. Tenebris Dark Wireframe Kit

dark theme

Tenebris is an extra-sleek wireframe kit with web layouts.

It’s modern meets classic.

With a timeless dark theme, it’s easy to edit styles to suit your project with this kit.

With this kit, you can work with over two hundred templates in total, with plenty of choices throughout the design process.


  • 200 Templates
  • Made for web projects
  • Bootstrap grid

8. Merge Wireframing


Say hello to this beautiful, low-fidelity kit designed for creators looking to save time.

With 185 UI elements like inputs, tab bars, navigation, gallery, and icons, this handy kit can help speed up your workflow.

The author mentions on the product page that the color palette is limited in order to help you avoid unnecessary distraction.

In other words, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense kit, this could be for you!


  • 185 UI elements
  • Limited color palette to prevent distraction
  • 36 Template examples

9. Food Delivery UI Brainstorm Kit

food brainstorming app

Working on a food delivery or takeout app?

Or the next big startup?

If so, then using this as a foundation can save you some time along the way.

It could likely work for other similar verticals, too, depending on the product use cases.

This product was made specifically for iOS app design and features many of the common screens you would need in creating this type of app.


  • Made for iOS apps
  • Perfect for food delivery and takeout business models
  • 64 iOS templates

10. iOS 11 App Wireframe Kit

iOS wireframe kit

A quick note: While this one was made for Sketch, it can be imported into Figma.

As a summary, this is an iOS 11 kit featuring iPhone X screens.

105 templates are included, making it very comprehensive if you’re looking for inspirational layouts.

In particular, we’re loving the bold blue color that was used as well. It’s bold, clean, and energizing.

There are many screens included, like: signup, profile, activity feed, start, navigation, chat, dashboard, stats / metrics, and more.


  • Designs are for iOS 11
  • iPhone X screen size
  • 105 Templates included


We hope this has saved you hours of time and research!

Wishing you the best on your next design project.

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